The Roadmap serves primarily as a communication vehicle; providing our internal and external stakeholders with insight into the long term goals and priorities of the project. This involves management of the larger scale technical enhancements which the community has deemed the most valuable to the product.

The Roadmap illustrates several “stages” for enhancement items. Often an enhancement will take more than one development cycle to make its way into the product. Sometimes, items may be cancelled or re-started due to changes in circumstances, priorities or architecture. The idea behind stages is to provide assurance that major items have been formally identified and clarity regarding where items are in the process. Progression of items in the pipeline is dependent upon many factors including perceived demand for enhancements; availability of key contributors; dependency upon other enhancements or architectural changes; consideration of alternative implementation strategies, etc...

The following stages are valid for items in the Impilo project pipeline:


This stage represents the actual implementation of the enhancement. Based on work done in the Design stage and input from the core team and community the solutions are built by individuals or small teams. In some cases the solutions have already been built and/or need only minor revision to satisfy additional functional or technical requirements. For some enhancements this stage can be very short and for others it can be very long, depending on the complexity and breadth.

Project Installation
Data Access
Database Design
KIOSK Presentation Layer
Excersise Browser


This stage represents items which have been thoroughly discussed on a conceptual basis and progressed to planning. At this stage an item has been specifically entrusted to an Owner ( a functional team, individual, or other community volunteer ) for more serious requirements development and research. It is during this stage that items are brought back to the community at large for additional input into functional and technical requirements. At completion of this stage comprehensive requirements should be well understood and documented as well as alternative implementation strategies and an overall recommendation. In some cases this stage will be more formally addressed than others. It is somewhat dependent upon the style of those addressing the item and its overall complexity or impact.

Auto Updating


This stage represents community enhancement requests that have reached consideration for the core framework, project, documentation or distribution package. Some Concept items may progress to the Design stage, be grouped with other items, retired, or be deemed more appropriately implemented outside of the core (as a private assembly or service provider, for example).

Online Shopping

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