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Impilo Health Management includes the following scenario applications:

Access Control
The Access Control application is a Windows Forms based application monitoring the entrance with biometric finger print readers and allowing conditional access to members via turnstiles. All authentication methods must support POS for .NET 1.11
Kiosk (Point-of-service)
The KIOSK application uses Windows Presentation Foundation to create a visually appealing and functionally rich touch based user experience where members can check the results of their latest health assessment, browse their exercise program and much more...
Front-desk (Point-of-sale)
The Front-desk application is a Windows Forms application allowing the sale of membership contracts
Club Intranet
The Club Intranet provides employees with the functionality to edit and update member information, Add assessments and assign exercise programs
Global Web Interface
The Global Web Interface allow members to check their assessments, exercise programs and health goals via internet anywhere in the world

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